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Divine Power (Wei-Wasser Test)

As I promised, I will deliver you reviews to the packages which I have received yesterday numerously. Our today's product is called Wei-Wasser, provided from I have thought first that it concerns with the product a gag, why, I will still explain to you, or one could imagine it also himself if one looks the box and the matching name once.  
 This time I will not give no long Intro, because I just wrote one review on this product on german, as well. I will give to you some explanations for the background of my thought to you in the Review. 
 With Wei-Wasser it concerns an Energy drink (250ml), with mint and lime. A completely new taste, as the company promises; which is already in every one's mouth. The taste should be a lemon-lime-peppermint, only already this constellation is new and unknown for me. Instead of from Taurin, Guaraná and caffeine is used here. About the effect I will be surprised, because there are  no information, to what extent my body should profit from it, except from the good taste. Let's see.

Taste: Anyway it is held what is promised. Such a taste is absolutely new and inspiring. In the mouth on the tongue one has only the feeling to drink Sprite, then, however, the taste comes considerable vehement and unexpected in the palate after peppermint with sugar. Quite long the sharp, spicy aftertaste of the peppermint which refreshes absolutely remains! Anyway no Energy drink of the classical or flavoured can mess with it!

Smell: Also, the white wine-coloured drink also surprises with the smell. Before one tries, one is already confused, because one misses the chemical smell of a normal Energy Drink. The peppermint stands out clearly and I have to add that a friend also confirmed to me that a light mark of eucalyptus exists.

Expectations: The fact that I have focus on a little more sharp drink, I have already known while reading the ingredients list. Still it was new for me, because that it rules so strongly, I would not have thought. In every category of the Energy of drink (classically, flavoured, juiced and mixxed) I have thus my darling, however, now I want to add a new one. "Extraordinary"  it is called, because here this drink applies to none of the present ones, in my opinion.

Effect: To the effect I cannot say thus a lot, because I have taken already many Energy Drinks to myself and my food plays there still a role. To say nothing wrong, I come rather on the refreshment which is offered to me. Particularly as the company itself describes also not directly which effect should be achieved. Be surprised be glad about the taste! If there would be TicTacs mint in liquid form, then I would say that Wei-Wasser is just exactly this.

DesignNow I come on the allusions which I have done in my short Intro. The picture on the can shows four people, of it is an angel. This angel with wings passes a can to one of three other people. The picture looks like an oil-painted painting from the 16-th century. Now I simply state, that it an allusion on the cover painting in the Sistine chapel, painted by Michelangelo which shows the creation Adams by God. Which religious background the drink has, I do not know, but the name Wei-Wasser also confirms this. Particularly the wings have the form of an "H" in the name which would be the german word for holy water (Wei(h)-Wasser = holy water). Anyway, I will mail there once again and inform you about it.  

Price: The price in the online shop of the site amounts to about 1 €. But, as far as I can see, only one can order one whole Tray á 24 cans. However, I hope that there are even other sales places.

Contact: To all my questions it was answered to me in detail. Besides, it was said to me directly first of all that one supports Blogger with pleasure. Thus it is a company which takes care about customer nearness and customer's contentment or expandation.

Website: The website gives on the start site  the presentation of the Energy Drink and the advantages of the purchase (4 cans for free with first order of a Trays). In addition, partner sides, the on-line shop are to be found - in which also Merchandise is offered - and the news which means which actions and events were supported.

-design: The design is not remarkable rather, but not simple. The background is held in the company color Blue. Largely out the name with the logo completely stings on top on the side. The Menus are clear, and there is no abundance of information. 
 If one goes on the side, music sounds in the background. Only a hiss is to be heard like while opening the can, then there sounds organ music and a choir the modern classical period rock-music which reminds of gospel songs. "Buy some Energy" is recommended over and over again. Nice idea!

Result: Who would like to have an Energy drink off the normally available ones and wants to be refreshed, besides, well and with pleasure, it is exactly given with Wei-Wasser. In taste the drink lies quite far in front because he offers something new in comparison to other. Besides, I would also recommend it to you because just this still unsettled background of the name and the design makes curious. For collectors may not be likewise also absent here! Whether I have thereby received now divine strength, or not, I will inform you later in some other reviews. In this point I say goodbye to you. God protects you! ;)

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