Dienstag, 8. November 2011

My Beat, my Style, my Drink (Techno4Ever.fm Energy Test)

Today I will deal with something that does not fit to me. Although I love fat bass, techno is unfortunately not my thing. How I even so got into it, I will tell you. A DJ I know (DJ Nextec), who supports me in some things, told me once that he would like to have a test on the Techno4Ever Energy Drink, because his music is exactly that. Well, I wrote to the store's website at www.techno4ever.fm, and voilá: here we have our next test product provided by the www.t4e-energy.de. It always surprises me again, who produces his own Energy Drink, and I really do not hope that this one disappoints me, or I'll jump off from the music scene very quickly. No, joking aside. So here it is. All of you Techno fans: the sample. Unfortunately I do not know from this 250ml tin what it will achieve, but that's not too bad, because I think the drink is only meant as a fan product, a simple Lifestyle- Energy. So I'll let myself be surprised again. "Trust Your DJ" is written on the can. That's what I'm doing it now again.

TasteClassic. I will run out of words sometime and I will only write how this classic Energy drink tastes nice after classic Energy drink. For the ones it is chemistry, for others it's jelly bears, to me it's a sourer taste that presses in accordance with the existing carboic acid and the intensity of bitter on the palate. At the first gulp I was surprised by the much carbonic acid. There was nothing on the tongue and then this bitter taste in the palate appeared, pushing more strongly than at others which I have tried 'till now. The aftertaste remains for a little longer and around the mouth a bit of the taste is also distributed. What I noticed is that I don't get dehydrationFor an energydrink not bad, I've had definitely been drinking a lot worse.

Smell: This time I am reminded of something fruity, fruit is a gentle touch. Otherwise, I can say that it is a mild smell, but as always, Red Bull - similar. Even though in weakened form.

Expectations: I think, I am surprised more positively than I would have expected it. The taste is not bad and the smell not caustic. What do I want more? Even the effect is very good, because..

Effect: ..yes, I am more turned up than before. I believe that Taurin is the only thing, that does this. Even if I must unfortunately say that my concentration did not increase noticeably. But one cannot have everything.

DesignFor fans certainly suitably, because the can's color is matched to the colors of the page. The page dark grey and orange, the can orange on the below and then becoming brighter until it is silver in the middle. The word "Techno4Ever.fm" is right-angled to the bottom of the can, surrounded by two dancing ladies' silhouettes. At the top is written in silver with an orange background "My Beat, my style, my music" - the motto of this test.

PriceThe price on this online shop is in a 6 Pack 8 , just under € 1.30 per can. For a fan surely not too much. Since this again is a whey mixed product, it is once again without deposit.

ContactShort and just enough, but friendly and in the "you" form. I am happy again, if not all is too polite, but not too personal. You have my recommendation!

WebsiteThe site is kept simple, just the shop next to the main page. Main focus is really just the drink. On the home page can be found next to the offer on the below the Remarks field where the users can post everything imaginable about the drink, taste through to the design.

-designA simple white (most appealing), above the big logo of the Energy Drink. It defines the structure and design by simply concentrating on the order. Also good if you want to make great sales.

ResultWho is a fan of the techno-site, for those the drink is just right. Who wants to spend way more money for his collectionfor which it is even better. Who wants to just enjoy, for which it is best. It tastes good, makes me awake and helped bring about this test here to end well. Techno fans: Test passed. Trust Your DJ! Greetings and a heartfelt "thank you" goes out to DJ Nextec!

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