Dienstag, 1. November 2011

The world needs creativity. And ideas. (9mm Test)

So, this is my first test on english. Please forgive me writing or grammar mistakes. I really try to do my best, so all of you are satiesfied with a review that is hopefully interesting as well. 
The can i'll present to you, is something special. I got her as second of all packages, and I'm really proud of having it! All my friends admire it, and i do as well. I speak of 9mm, send to me directly from Hungary by www.9mmenergy.hu. The design of the can impresses me very much, but i hope, it also smells that good like it looks.
In times of wars and conflicts, it's pure provocation to design an Energy Drink in form of a cartridge. But that is why it is sold that much and everyone wants to have it. Now, I am the proud owner of 9mm (250ml), and i will show you, what's going on with this Energy Drink.

Taste: First of all i need to say that that Drink is one of the classic ones, without fruits or any other flavours. Just a simple Energy Drink. And: Some people say, normal Energy Drink tastes like jelly bears. I have to contradict. I really don't know, where the similarity between jelly bears and the taste is. 
As i can see, there is little of carbonic acid in the drink. When i poured it in, it frothed, but now there is little to no. It tastes like Red Bull, on a very sweet way. Pleasant, not to sour. My rough does not feels rough, like it always when i drink a normal Energy Drink. But not this time. Very delicious! Unfortunately, it makes me a little bit more thirsty then before. 

Smell: This drink looking like apple juice smells like a mild version of Red Bull, where you can notice before that there is no carbonic acid. I miss the sparkling in my nose when i smell on it!

Expectations: My friend, who tasted 9mm before, told me, that it is one of the better classic Energy Drinks. I totally agree, although there is the disadvantage with the little carbonic acid. But i have to say, that that more or less also speaks in favour, because now, i do not have any sour feeling in my mouth. 

Effect: Well.. it's very late, nearly midnight, and i am very tired. Also Energy Drinks have a pushing effect on me, my eyes are heavy and my thoughts still drift away, instead of having any concentration. But i can feel some more energy in the rest of my body. Just before, my legs and arms where really heavy, but afterwards, i feel refreshed! In the aspect of the time of day, i have to say that i cannot judge on it and everyone needs to test on his own!

Design: As I said, the design of the can is just fantastic! It is a golden can with the letter "9mm" written diagonally on it. Above and under that is a star i only know out of symbols of wars. It has a real similarity to a cartridge, and nobody can deny it. The lid completes the design!

Price: The price is very low for a can like this. From 1,25€ up to 2€, it's all in. It really worth it, and for a good collection it is necessary ;)

Contact: The contact to the company was very good and easy, they answered very quick, and even i live in another country as it is produced and the company is located, they didn't regret my request :) The person i talked to was very nice and even pleased me to not hesitate if i have any question or if i need something! Absolutely recommendable!

Website: On the website you can chose your country and then get any information about your resposible area and what's happening there. The site is promoting for different kinds of sports, like wingsuit flying, jet-ski or car races. Together with the not too much information about the product and the very clear structure, it makes it so a site i would visit more often. 

-design: There are pictures of the 9mm can in 3D, what makes it's beautiful to look at. In the background are targets, cans and half-naked women with pistols and belts of cartridges (everything in 3D and in relation to the belt of 9mm Energy Drink, you also can buy on the Internet.). A website designed for young people :)

Result: All in all i want to speak in favour of the drink and want to recommend it to you. Not just because of the design, but also because of the mild taste and the low price. When you have one of these cans, you have a feeling of proud and are forced to ook at it the whoe day :) I hope, everything is fine with my review and you can make a bit out of it. Please, if there are improvements or hints, just mail me! I'm always open for critics! 

Nachtrag: 9mm wird wohl in Zukunft auch in Deutschland erhältlich sein! Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden!

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