Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Cannabis Energy Drink users relax faster II (Cannabis Energy Shot Test)

Of utmost importance I am preparing now to the test the first shot in my series. And this is something special. There is a little story to tell and to make an exclamation. Cannabis Energy Drink (shot) was sent to me some time ago in a huge package. Since that moment I had my absolute favorite when it depends on taste. That's why I've (already announced) decided to let me assure a deeper insight into the company. Therefore I have directed my contact with the CEO a bit in the direction of cooperation, and now it's time that I manage the Facebook and Twitter page and be the contact person for the German region.. 
The first shot at all which I will present to you and the only one for a long time. A shot is nothing more than the small version of a classic energy drinks, with the difference that the same amount of caffeine, taurine, vitamins, etc is on a smaller amount of drink (usually 50ml). But now here are 60ml concentration of Cannabis Energy. 

TasteI would describe it as a small, cheeky copy of his big brother. This special, almost indescribable flavor of Cannabis Energy is taking place here as well, A sweet-fruity, sparkling version of Red Bull. In this case, with no carbonic acid and no sour taste. I say that shots (in general) are very intensiv and sweet in their main taste. These two or three sips really worth it.

SmellHere you can the difference to the big can. I think the "jelly bear" - smell here is more in the background and leaves the priority to the fruity sugar water . Unfortunately, I can not say that this can allowes more.

ExpectationsSince I already knew how it tastes, I did not need more expectations to put on the drink. However, it was also my first shot, which I have drunk, so I did not know exactly what to expect, besides a small version of the big can, only without the carbonation.

Effect: I think, the effect of the shot is not as great as for the 250ml can. The great can somehow refreshes, increases concentration and effects more alert. This is only some way the case, what really surprises me, because the concentration is actually higher yet. At this point I would like to retract my statement from the test for Cannabis Energy Drink (250ml), in which I have said that the saying "users relax faster" is just a means of marketing. I think (and many others as well), this kind of drink actually has the effect of good mood, you can go about difficult things with a certain motivation. I have to admit, this is new for me and the company distinguishs oneself one more time.

DesignIn generell, it is the same thing as last time, the drink itself is in a grey, hard plastic can with some pretty label. I am now brazenly using copy-paste to show you that everything is the same as on the big tin. To see on the front in white is just one such hemp plant and the name "Cannabis Energy Drink". At the bottom is the address of the website, " ". 
But the specialty is in the middle. What I've kept for Russian letters turned out to reflect and review (as I turned the can upside down) as mirror writing. Accordingly, under "Cannabis Energy Drink" (in white) is another "Cannabis Energy Drink" (in dark color) - if you put the can on the head and then read the mirror writing. Great idea, I must say!  

Price I hope it was exclusively for me, allowing me to test this product, because i can not find any prices or information, either on the page, nor on the Internet. Maybe he's still not officially on the market and will soon be published. As soon as I know something about it, I'll tell you.

Result: Surprised and pleased, I can only recommend it to you. I'm happy about the close contact to the company and for the cooperation which is provided with numerous opportunities of new acquisitions. Of course I will continue publishing reports to you about products, but I can also say that i already got the best Energy Drink (+ "brother"), but only until another will run across. Whether I'll keep that opinion, you will see in the next test, because that will be another a special drink. 

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