Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Cannabis Energy Drink users relax faster (Cannabis Energy Test english)

Due to recent events I have decided to prefer my favorite of all the previously received packages / energy drinks. I also know that some people simply can not wait to hear something from the can, which I have talked about a lot in the last time. But unfortunately I could not keep it for myself when I got a whole tray of green cans, together with 200 green lighters, 24 shots and several flyers. Cannabis Energy Drink with cannabis extract. Among other things, extracts from the cannabis plant makes the difference to conventional energy drinks, and also, so the homepage says, the Extra. A drink that provides for instant power boost and improve concentration, as well as it gives an energetic feeling. "Cannabis Energy Drink users relax faster." - Hemp should relax, but an energy drink, which usually is always to improve power, this time is about to achieve the opposite ..?
Times very biased from the outset I would venture to say that my expectations were far exceeded and that I had to think seriously how I express this here properly. I think I should not talk a lot and tell you the results straight away. 

TasteIt's hard to describe, because I want to express somehow that an energy drink that has only slightly deviates from the classic ones, yet evolved to my favorite one. The carbonic acid content is a little bit lower, but still tingles as strong.Generally, all factors are perfectly matched. The sweetness starts on the tongue and palate unfolds entirely in the front area, but even then remains there for a while. The acid, which usually attacks all of my mouth parts is now limited to the minimum, thus ensuring the icing on the cake. You have to have tried it yourself to form your own opinion! 

SmellI know that I have not used the word "Red Bull smell" for a long time, but that's also not quite true here. As well as the taste, the smell is (in my opinion) a completely distinct in itself. My first impression was a bit stuffy and oppressive, but it died down and then turned into something that I would compare  with Red Bull, but is too sweet to be able to say that it is the same. 

ExpectationsIt is always expected,  when you hear that cannabis or other extracts of hemp  are included,  that you got a kind of state of intoxication. Guys, this will unfortunately never be the case. The extract is used only to taste and maybe a bit of action. In general, I did not think that cannabis Energy is that delicious, I was thinking in a different direction, but this way I am also very happy. 

EffectIf gustatory satisfaction occurs, usually the power boost or improving concentration is not far away. It is fullfilled with this drink for 100%. I would like to tell you from a side effect : Because of the amount of cans which are available for me I could not resist to test them on some days before. I have chronic headaches, which comes from thickening of the blood in the head. This was also the current event today. On four days in the last two weeks I just had this pain, on two of these days I took a pain pill. In addition to all four days there was a can of Cannabis Energy. I do not know whether this was pure imagination, but on all four days, my headaches went back after that, what I would attribute to promote blood circulation. Consider this: Normally when my headache goes away just by sleeping. Perhaps it would be good when  different testers also tell me their experiences. 
To the saying that energy drink consumers of cannabis to relax more quickly: Yes, in some ways. Indeed i was not turned up, but it also retains a certain calm. I think this slogan is to be solely a means of advertising. 

Design: The design is again a special thing at the can. Bilious green, in allusion to a hemp plant, covers it completely. To see on the front in white is just one such plant and the name "Cannabis Energy Drink". At the bottom is the address of the website, " ". 
But the specialty is in the middle. What I've kept only for Russian letters turned out to reflect and review (as I turned the can upside down) as mirror writing. Accordingly, under "Cannabis Energy Drink" (in white) is another "Cannabis Energy Drink" (in dark color) - if you put the can on the head and then read the mirror writing. Great idea, I must say! 

PriceAlthough the management and production takes place under the label K1Drink,  the sale of drink is only on the sidpage of Szene-Drinks. This can is sold for € 1.79 per 250ml, the so-called party price is 3 €. Should not be missing at any party! 

Contact: I had rather much contact to the company, via email, but also by personal Facebook message. I was surprised about the amount that they sent me, because I was  promised for only some "samples" . A few days later they asked me if i like the Cannabis Energy Drink. On Facebook ran off a few personal messages, among other things, they told me. They also promised me a reward for supporting their Facebook page, too. What it will be, you will, but I also will see soon. A thank you to the company! 

WebsiteEven if the sales in Germany i taking place via sales partners, I was looking for the website and found the contact, so this is described. The page itself is simply decorated, it has list of eight categories, such as a Geomap, the points of sale places. Overall, I have the feeling that the site was set up quickly and only temporarily for the German area, because it is too plain to me, and texts are repeated on the main page and as I found some spelling mistakes. If you already have such a great energy drink, you must have the right advertise, too!

-designAs I said, I miss something. Found in the header are indeed attractive lifestyle images as a slide show, but generally the page is more sad of his white colors, which produces no contrast or conspicuity. 

Result: Fully convinced of the drink (though not entirely from the homepage), I hope that I have found the right words. But I could also say this: My first word after the first try was "cool!", and that fits for me most. I just want to apologize to the company of Battery Energy (I hope they read it) because I gave their product only 9 out of 10 points, on the grounds that a not yet officially tested drink is better than their. 
Unfortunately, from my 24 cans are not many left, though I was very stingy in terms of giving them away. I hope i get another package in the near future .. I would like to draw your attention to my Facebook contest to find further down on my Facebook Fan page Energized . To win is a Cannabis Energy Drink along with 10 lighters the company (Yes, I have to give one away, great ..). "Deadline" is 12/15/2011. Good luck! 
Furthermore, to be published in the near future, I think of a review of Cannabis Energy Drink Shot.

Going back to the drink. 
If I  would now introduce a points system, I would say that today's first product gets 10 out of 10 from me. Enjoy it! 


  1. Very good thorough review. Wow, cannabis? haha. is there marijuana in that drink? lol.

    Thanks for all the input you always provide on energy drinks. I know if I am going to try a new energy drink, I will come to you first to see what you think of it :)


  2. Thank you very much, Lisha :) no, there is only extract of hemp in it. :D