Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

The Crave Guy (Crave Energy Test english)

I was surprised when "The Crave Guy" contacted me and asked me if I wanted to test his energy drink. I knew that this is difficult because he lives in the U.S., and the customs measures are a little harder, but after a while I hold a small envelope in my hand, from which Benjamin Franklin smiles at me kindly. Crave Energy Drink is in fact really not greater than twice that of my thumb. And therein lies again what makes the difference to my traditional energy drinks. As my first test was, Crave Energy Drink is an Instant Drink, 5g powder for mixing it yourself.  In the right mix, it does not cause headaches because it has less than 1g sugar, and the nervous jitters, which often occurs with conventional energy drinks, stays out. But the most important promise is that the product provides an energy boost without having a "crash" afterwards,  a sudden drop in energy levels. I'm curious, because on the package are the words taurine, guarana and caffeine written without indication of the amount of content .. 

Taste: I use a 0.3 liter glass full of water, with slightly less carbon dioxide. The powder is  bright green-gift and gets darker after it was mixed. Disadvantage: it is a little difficult to get the powder out of the package, but it was a bit of air trapped contained with which you can  squeeze out the powder carefully. For taste, we can say that it is pure habituation thing, for some it will definitely be too sweet, because he still beguiles the palate / aftertaste with his sugartaste . I like it sweet, it tastes extremely like "Ahoi Brause Rasperry (Himbeere), only not acidic. Just like "Ahoi-Brause" the expansion of flavor developes rather late and is very noticeable. The carbonic acid is by the way almost completely gone. 

Smell: I do not know if someone still remembers the" Frigeo glucose lollies" from the drugstore "IhrPlatz" (german), which stuck their wooden handle always that disgusting. In any case, I only felt strongly reminded. From the classic Red Bull smell is absolutely nothing this time to find what is probably even better that way. 

Expectations:  It is to be noted that there is really no acid, and that the promise with less than 1g sugar is the exact opposite of the taste. This is definitely new for me. Unfortunately I have only one glass of this sweet drink, of course I could say that I could mixxed it better. 

Effect: I am really not shaky (as promised). Being tired before, my body is turned up now, which has the effect that my arms became very heavy. But it was "incredible energy" promised, and here it is. I'm curious if this being on a roll is subsequently degraded, and that it is not ending in a "crash". 

Design: Crave Energy is packaged in small bags that are slightly too big for 5g powder. I had already noted that the opening could be improved, because it was difficult to get it out. The packaging itself is bright green and black, with some writings on it. In a parallelogram (Black) the name "Crave Energy" is written, from the background there is a small lightcasting the shadow of the name. 

Price: The price is the only thing I really had to criticize. A small package costs $ 2, about 1.50 €. I think that's a little exaggerated for a glass of energy drink, although I know that instant energy drinks are moving more to that price category. 

Contact: The "Crave Guy" came up to me on Facebook, until I told him that my email would be a better place. The Crave Guy's name is in reality Aaron Decker, and is, I was able to filter out, the person in charge of sales, etc. It has been exchanged several e-mails, until i got this little envelop. Although I must say that I almost had lost hope to get it. 

Website: Personally, the website (morecrave.comis a bit too overcrowded for me, it feels like one can find a button or link on every square inch of the page. There are the standard categories, such as shop, business, videos etc, going on with reviews, more videos, social media and advertising almost going to the end of the seeming infinite page. 

-Design: I do not know whether to include the mentioned things sometimes to design, or not. I do not see a real order on the page, except that the advertising of Crave Energy Drink is always green-black, the page background white, on the left side to the middle are the reviews, and on the right all the rest. 

Result: The page could be improved, and the drink I did not really overwhelmed me. Even though I like this kind of sweetness, I know that it will be too sweet for a lot of people. This is the point where I would say it depends on the mixture. I've now taken a 0.3 l glass, maybe I should try a bigger one, but you can not know before. With a lower concentration it can taste completely different, and anyway:  I like Crave Energy like how it was, it can only get better! 

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