Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Some questions.. to Dymco & Fred (CED, english)

First, sorry that I haven't posted that much in the last days, but I was very busy. I will really try to change it and hopefully tomorrow there will be a review on Koks Energy Drink by IQ 4 You, which i already started, but not finished yet. For saying sorry, i managed to get an interview with members of Cannabis Energy Drink. Dymco und Fred answered me some questions, even though they are very busy with spreading and promoting it.

1. What is your work for CannabisED?

- What we do for CED is that we are the sellers of the drink of corse, but we also try to promote the drink as much as possible with parties etc.

2. Do you know anything about the secret behind the good taste? 

- Of course we know the secret behind the good taste, but as you say, the secret, should be remain.

3. In what way is cannabis extract effecting the drink ?

- the cannabis extract will give just that little bit extra, that can make you happy and energetic at the same time, and it seems to be very good for your body.

4. How do you use CannabisED in you everyday life?
   -  We use it in our office every day and it keeps us very sharp during the day, you    
       should try it. 

I thank them very much for taking some time, and I want to add, that I am the same opinion, Cannabis Energy Drink just relaxes and tastes awesome. If you don't believe me, here's the Facebook-page of them:

We use it in our office every day and it keeps us very sharp during the day, you should try it.

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