Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Cannalate - selfheating chocolate with hemp aroma (Test)

Today there is again something special. Something very special. Not only that it is the world's first test of this product, but also that this product is something completely new. It is not an energy drink, but a self-heating chocolate. Cannalate the whole thing is called. Hot Chocolate with hemp flavor (0.02%) in a 200ml can, which is perfect in this cold season. The can is divided into two chambers, once the tin with the chocolate and the lower chamber, in which there are (separately) water and calcium oxide. One opens below the flap and presses on the ground, to connect the two substances and there is an exothermic reaction which generates heat. It is this heat to heat up the upper chamber with the chocolate in three minutes. Shake, wait, open and enjoy. The new product will be a hit! But it will also convince me? 

TasteAfter the steam has disappeared, I can finally open the can. And, in fact,  there is still a little hot and you can easily burn your lips on it, but the chocolate taste is to recognize from the very first moment on. This hot cocoa is sweet enough and tastes like a normal cocoa powder, if not better. He is more intense than conventional, but does not taste artificial. You might think you have solved a good milk chocolate in milk. Clearly noticeable is the addition to a certain taste that you can not define. He puts in that extra mile.
By the way: Some of my friends were also allowed to try, and they were just as enthusiastic.
PS: Outside in the snow, it tastes more divine than in a warm room.

Smell:  On such days you feel really reminded to the days when you went into a Café  and ordered a hot chocolate that smells exactly like Cannalate does. The advantage is that you can enjoy Cannalate immediately and you do not have to wait for 20 minutes until the chocolate is cold. All in all, very intense in any way, not artificial, and very chocolaty.

ExpectationsI was kind of excited when I tried Cannalate for the first time. Actually, I wanted to leave the package left for school, but then I could not restrain myself on the same evening of arrival yet. I would have expected less, since I always had a prior negative attitude to self-heating products, but this company has actually given me a faith.

Effect: Even a chocolate can have an effect. The amount varies depending on where you are. If you're in a warm room, it becomes a really hot around the ears and generally feel a warmth in the chest. This heat can be felt even outside in the snow, but it is there even more enjoyable and we really enjoyed it even more. You also get your hands warmed up (from the can :p).

DesignHowever, the can has a chocolate brown design. This is a 200ml tin, the bottom with the chemical mixture is smaller. At both ends is a tab to either pull or cave in. The design was not printed, but consists of a slide. On the front it says "Cannalate Hot Chocolate", including a red, wide open mouth, just sticking out his tongue. On the tip of the tongue is a hemp plant, as it were "bathed" in chocolate that is dripping.
At the bottom is a lighter brown all around, which will probably represent the chocolate itself.

Price: As Cannalate is not long on the market, the selection of distributors is not that large. Of course you can order it online (price: 2,50 €), but for Germany I can already announce that the Coffee Shop Oase in Trier will soon stock it, too.

Contact: Since I'm more or less working for Cannabis Energy Drink, and the boss of Cannalate a good friend of my boss, I quickly found Cannalate, too. So it is no wonder that I now maintain a good, regular contact with him and support him in some things.

HomepageThe page is still under construction, but up to now this is the main page:

If you want to support Cannalate and want to see it in your stores, I recommend a "Like" here: Hot Chocolate with Cannalate hemp aroma 

Website & -design: The page consists of many pictures in which either the product, a chocolate liquid, or at least the logo is shown. Peter van de Goor's Photoshop skills are simply overwhelming, so sometimes it can happen that the Statue of Liberty is holding a Cannalate logo on their arm. 
Otherwise, the site created in black and you experiance absolutely everything you could need, including guest book, live chat and news. 

Result: If you like it once, you will never let it go, that's my opinion. And I endorse only products that I'm really impressed of. 
Furthermore, I think the hemp aroma plays only a minor role, for the little.. extra.  Cannalate will definitely be full of success, because it is the tastiest self-heating food that I have ever tried. 

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